The Easiest Basketball Wagering Strategies You Must Try Today

Basketball is the second most popular sport to wager on right after football. Every year, it attracts millions of people throughout the world thanks to its simplicity and availability. Most players place their money both during the live match and before it to increase their chances of success. You might think that wagering during the match is easier since you can analyze the performance of the players and their mood. However, pre match gambling also has its perks – usually, the odds are higher, so you can end up earning a lot more. Even though the sport is rather simple as there are not many rules, you still have to be careful and unbiased when investing your money. We have come up with useful tips that will boost your chances of earning big $$$, however, you should remember that no strategy works in 100% of cases, and victory is never guaranteed.

Before you start wagering, let’s dive into the conditions which help you to succeed:

  • Deep knowledge of the rules of the basketball game
  • Analysis of the performance of the players and their motivation to play well
  • Using experts’ forecasts of the outcome of the game
  • Ability to analyze bookmaker odds and game dynamics
  • Developing a reliable strategy to win

Let’s dive into the most reliable strategy that will boost your chances of success.

Underdog Strategy for Newbies

Since a basketball match consists of four quarters or two periods of two, the score of each particular quarter does not influence the outcome of the match as a whole, because the points are counted for the entire game. That is why, if your favorite team wins in at least two quarters, it can save some strength and even lose in one quarter without you losing your money. According to the statistics, the weaker team often wins in at least one of the four periods. The bettor is required to find a match in which a clear favorite will play against a weak team.
The odds for a favorite to win must be at least 1.30. In pre-match betting, sportsbooks let you wager only on the result of the first quarter, so you will need to think through whether placing your money on favorite in the first period is worth it.

For example, team A (favorite) is playing against team B (underdog). You should bet on team B as the sportsbook offers high odds of over 2. You should bet on the victory of the underdog, but by placing not more than 1% of your entire bankroll to not lose too much money. If the underdog wins this match, you should not bet any further and you need to look for other basketball matches with a clear advantage over one of the teams. But if team B loses in the first period, place a bet that they will win in the next quarter, since, according to the statistics, the underdog wins at least in one of the four parts of the match. Keep increasing the next bet amount until you succeed. If the selected team loses in all the periods, you should implement the same tactics for the next contest.
According to statistics, there are almost never two games in a row when an underdog loses in all four quarters, so even if you lose in one match by implementing these tactics, it is very unlikely that you will lose in the second game.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know one of the easiest and simplest basketball strategies to win big, we recommend you find a game to bet on today! Remember to never put more than 1% of your entire bankroll and spread the risks evenly. With our useful tips, your wagering experience will be productive and stress-free.

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