How To Wager On Cage Fights

MMA is an exciting sport that merges the disciplines of boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to create spectacular fights. Athletes from around the world step into the cage and compete in an effort to declare themselves the best fighter on the planet. Not only is MMA a great sport to watch but it is also one of the best to gamble on. There are MMA events occurring around the world every week and sportsbooks allow you to make a range of different wagers that make the contests more exciting and help land you some extra cash!

What Is MMA And How Can You Wager On It?

MMA is a recent combat sport that involves athletes kicking, punching, wrestling, and submitting to each other. Athletes come from all different backgrounds including champion Judokas, boxers, wrestlers, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grapplers. These athletes compete against each other in a dangerous and thrilling sport where at any minute a fighter could be knocked out or have one of their limbs broken in a nasty submission. Fortunately, as an MMA bettor, you don’t have to worry about suffering from physical damage, your job is to predict the outcome of a fight.
The way MMA gambling works is that gambling sites will place odds on different fighters based on their likelihood of winning. For example, a big favorite won’t have very high odds while a fighter nobody thinks will win has astronomically high odds. If you want to win big from MMA gambling you need to find situations where the betting sites get the odds wrong and make the wrong fighter the underdog. This is much harder than it sounds but if you become an expert on the sport and research unknown fighters you can find lots of situations where the sportsbook didn’t do their homework and set incorrect lines.

So Many Different Available UFC Wagers

MMA sports wagering has come a long way from simply picking a certain fighter to win. Now you can make all kinds of different bets with some offering amazing value. The best UFC wager types include the following:

Match Result

The classic and most popular way to gamble on MMA contests is to try and predict which fighter will emerge victorious. You can find this gambling market on every single MMA fight and it is an incredibly simple wager to make. If you are an MMA fan you are probably constantly making these bets with your friends and are always trying to predict the outcome of a fight.
In a standard match result market, one fighter will be the favorite and will have lower odds while the fighter who is predicted to lose will have higher odds. Professional MMA gamblers tend to only bet on underdogs because they offer more value.

Fight Duration

Another fun way to gamble on cage fighting contests is to try and predict at what point the match will conclude. Fortunately, the betting sites make it a little easier to predict by turning the wager in an over/under bet. In an over/under bet the sportsbook predicts the outcome and then you have to pick a side. For example, the over/under is usually set at 1.5 rounds in a 3 round MMA fight. If you take the under and a fighter gets knocked out in the first round you win!

Method Of Victory

This bet is similar to the match result but higher risk and also has a much higher payout. In this wager you not only have to pick the correct fighter to win but you have to choose how they will win. In UFC a fight can end by disqualification, submission, knockout, decision. To improve your shot of winning you need to analyze fight statistics and look at the most common way a particular fighter wins and then also analyze how their opponent typically loses. For example, you should bet big on a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert to submit his opponent if they have poor submission defense and have been caught in past fights.

Mobile And Live Gambling

Did you know that you can gamble on MMA matches directly from your phone and even make bets while the fight is still taking place? Mobile gambling offers amazing levels of convenience because no matter where you are you can instantly open an online sportsbook and place bets within minutes. Betting sites all have 100% mobile optimized platforms and mang also have professionally designed apps.
If you want to take your cage fighting gambling experience to the next level try a live wager. With a live wager, you make bets as the fight is developing and take advantage of constantly changing odds. We like to place the money on a fighter to lose just after they have been stunned by a big punch or kick!

MMA Gambling Promotional Bonuses

Wagering sites are always offering gamblers promotional deals and bonuses in an effort to attract them to their site. These bonuses can be worth hundreds of dollars and help you grow your bankroll overnight. Some of the most common bonuses you should claim to include:
Deposit Bonus- When you fund your account at a site they will give you additional cash based on the size of your deposit. For example, if you deposit $300 and claim a 100% deal you have credited to your account an additional $300.
Free Bets – Sportsbooks will let you wager on MMA fights for free and you get to keep whatever you win! This bonus is completely risk free.
Cashback – With a cashback deal even if your MMA bet is unsuccessful the betting site will return a portion of your losses.
To find the best MMA gambling bonus make sure you compare multiple sites and sign up at a number of different platforms so you can keep claiming bonuses and building your bankroll.

Time To Bet On MMA Fights!

Thanks to our guide you can now consider yourself an expert on cage fight wagering. All you need to do now is sign up to a sportsbook, claim a bonus, pick a fight and place some wagers!

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