Is It A Good Idea to Wager on eSports?

It was not long ago that gambling on computer games did not exist, so many people still are not aware of the possibilities that this niche has. This could be a good opportunity for you to win lucrative prizes while having fun. If in 2012, cybersport attracted around 58 million people, it is expected that by 2025 the niche’s audience will consist of 400 million people. Computer games betting, like any other sports wagering, has its pros and cons. The most obvious pros are the availability of games, matches, and tournaments, lucrative odds and bonuses for new and existing players, fun and excitement. The disadvantages include some technical problems, game delays, and wagering limits. Let’s dive into computer game wagering to help you decide whether this niche is right up your street.

Pros of eSports Wagering

Plenty of live streams every day. As long as you are connected to the internet, finding a high-quality live stream will be a piece of cake. You can always watch multiple tournaments at once and make simultaneous wagers and increase your chances of success.
Excitement and fun. Computer games are not only interesting to play, but also to watch someone play. It is like an exciting movie with an unpredictable plot that can also make money for you. If you are not into regular sport but want to make some extra cash, eSports with its 250 million other players is your best go-to.

The player’s advantage over the bookmaker. Generally, gambling companies hire analysts who study classic sports disciplines like football, basketball, etc. The more important a contest is, the better it is studied. There is simply no time and attention left for computer games(at least now while the industry is growing). It makes no sense for a company to hire an entire staff to study the nuances of a computer game and the tournaments as it is not economically viable. However, as the niche grows and attracts more money, it can change in the future, so we recommend you take advantage of high odds today!

Cons of eSports Wagering

Low limits. eSports is a new and risky market for platforms. To minimize risks, sportsbooks cut the maximum wager on esports matches (as a rule, you cannot place more than $500-$1000 on a single game.
Technical problems. eSports is impossible without computers which can glitch. Non-working computers, technical interruptions, delays in schedules and broadcasts, Internet outages during the competition are quite common during tournaments. All this can affect the result of the game and your wager, or just spoil your fun. However, all these problems are quickly solved by the technical staff.
Game time and delays. Unlike classical sports, like football or baseball, an eSports game has no time frame. It can be over in 5 minutes or last for 5 hours, which can affect your schedule. It is not uncommon for tournaments to start 3 hours late or even be postponed. However, as the niche is growing and attracting more money, it becomes more organized and convenient for players and bettors.

Let’s Place Some Wagers!

Now that you know that computer games gambling will only keep growing and bring extra $$$ to millions of players from all over the world, it is time to sign up to a trusted platform and start gambling. Select the games you are into and see when is the next competition. Prior to making wagers, we recommend you do the research and see the performance of the player and their motivation to win. Computer games betting offers tons of opportunities to make good money while having a nice time, so you had better not lose this chance!

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